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Manufacturing Best Practice Event


KEY conference is a must for manufacturers focused on how to make complex, precision components faster, better and more commercial than before. World we live in today is changing rapidly. It is a different world from what we have known, world in which it is hard to make predictions, yet a world where we can still find many opportunities.


We are on the verge of new revolution. More and more owners, managers, technologists understand the importance of change and taking the NEXT STEP.


Connection between digital & physical systems, complex analysis through Big Data & real-time adaptation raises a lot of questions and uncertainty. But what does it really mean and more importantly how to put it into real life? 


KEY conference is organized to share information, good practice among professionals and share the most relevant improvements that will help producers on their way of changing. It is great point for exchanging ideas, solutions, even contacts.


Experience the power of positive partnership and collaborative approach to problem solving.

Join us and feel the benefits of long term profitable relationship.

25 Oct

Grand Hotel Plovdiv

2, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Str., 4003 Plovdiv

GPS coordinates:
42.155934 | 24.745543

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